Dr. Gillooly has been in private practice as a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1979. Her practice focuses on personal development issues and family communications. In 2017 she retired as Professor of Psychology at Glendale Community College where for 29 years she taught courses in psychology and gender studies. In 2002 she was the recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award.

 Jessica has done extensive research in the field of pre-teen and adolescent sex education. Her book “Before She Gets Her Period” (1998, Perspective Publishing) was the winner of the National Association of Parenting Publishers Award and is considered the leading book in its field. She regularly lectures to parenting groups, teachers and health education professionals on the need for intimate dialogue between parents and children.

 She is a frequently requested keynote speaker known for her highly informative and inspirational style. She conducts workshops on parenting issues, personal development, and marriage enhancement throughout the Los Angeles area. She has appeared as an expert in parenting issues on CNN and NBC and is regularly called on for her insights by such print media sources as the Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Parents, and Family Life magazines.

Jessica was born in Oklahoma and raised in southern Kansas. Her education includes a B.A from the University of Missouri, M.A from California State Los Angeles and PhD from US International University in San Diego. Jessica and her husband reside in Riverside County California.